Artist Statement

Organic bodies emerge at a rhythmic pace from my worktable in Taos. My coil process steadily builds forms that echo the gestures of cactus, the curves of landscape, gnarled branches and undersea formations. My process mimics the steady growth and decay patterns of our natural world. I generously reveal my repetitive process in my finished pieces exposing coils, fingermarks and deep scaly surfaces. Each piece might begin with a loose idea of form emerging of its own accord as I allow the work to evolve and become as the clay builds under my skilled touch.

I prefer firing in wood kilns to procure the earthy effects and for the community involvement. The flow of flame and ash flashing over and building up on my sculptures add to the natural feel and appearance of my finished pieces. This labor-intensive process involves a team of people preparing multiple cords of wood in order to stoke the kiln twenty-four hours a day over the course of several days to achieve the desired effects.

From the fine porcelain clays to stoneware high in iron my body of work encompasses a wide range of finishes and colors that stand alone as gorgeous show pieces, yet compliment each other when displayed in groupings.