Lilli Steinlicht first began her relationship with clay at the young age of 9. She established her style of coiling with textured surfaces in high school and continued exploring the limits and expanses or working with coils in college. In 2004 Lilli moved to Taos and began a slow but steady practice in ceramics while working at a variety of jobs to pay her bills. Her work evolved gradually over the last 14 years in clay always with coils in a meditation of pressing the clay together creating body-sized abstract organic structures.

Lilli’s educational background includes ceramic studies through multiple higher learning facilities across Oregon receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Southern Oregon University in Ceramics and Art Education. She also served as a resident artist at Cinder Cone Clay and Taos Clay, and continued pursuing clay knowledge through experimentation, independent study and work alongside a thriving community of clay artists here in Taos. After consigning work for many years at Taos Clay, Rottenstone Gallery and Logan Wannamaker Pottery she reached out to Laura Brzozowski to open their own gallery and working space in order to build stronger relationships with their clientele and guests. That dream quickly became a reality as a lovely location just south of Taos Plaza became available for a small-scale studio and viewing space. This latest venture opened in August 2016 as Clay Mavens Gallery.

Lilli struggles with chronic pain, which led her to work on a smaller scale for the past 3 years. Since April of this year Lilli moved her studio out of Clay Mavens so as not to have as many distractions and is focusing on reaching a larger community of ceramic art collectors outside of the Taos area. She is also following her heart and making larger pieces again.